Beste permanent makeup artiest



My name is Annija and I am certified Permanent Make Up artist located in The Hague !

Philocaly means love of beauty and I truly stand by that!

Since I remember myself I have always had a deep love for beauty, I loved to express myself through make up and I always have enjoyed helping others notice and appreciate their own beauty and uniqueness.

When you have decided to go for PMU procedure we are going to create a feeling to which you will wake up every day, well done brows really can boost your self confidence !

I have fallen in love with the process of creating so every working day is another day I can do what I truly love.


I have received my education on Permanent Make up procedures and techniques at Goldeneye micropigmentation center in Latvia .

Goldeneye is the leading company in micropigmentation sciences since 1998.

In this profession hygiene is extremely important – I have received diploma in hygiene requirements for the provision of tattooing and piercing services.




Most crucial part excluding skills – good quality materials is necessity !

I work only with highest quality pigments from Germany – ideal for sensitive skin, no added heavy metals, no PAH ( Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) , no NDELA (N-Nitrosodiethanolamine ) , pigments are vegan (no animal experiments) , tested and approved.


With Semi-PMU there is opportunity to create long lasting satisfaction every time you look into the mirror – either you choose more natural look or more defined ,we can adjust everything to your personal wishes and style with different techniques of micropigmentation.