Permanent makeup specialist in Den Haag

"Philocaly - love of beauty... Since I remember myself I have always had a deep love for beauty, I loved to express myself through make up and I always have enjoyed helping others notice and appreciate their beauty and uniqueness."
Permanent makeup specialist

Ombre brows

Is the best choice for those who love a sharp brow look and enjoy a make up look every day.

Poeder wenkbrauwen / Powderbrows


Is the best choice for those, who are used to a natural look
– the healed effect is similar to when you are creating shadow with a brow pencil.

Soft eyeliner + shadow

This is perfect choice for those who are already used to a daily eye make up, however
with some tricks it is also possible to achieve very natural soft shadow which will
not look very dark. It is possible to choose how intense or soft result you want to achieve. Soft eyeliner look will make your eyes more defined and create very elegant look.

Soft eyeliner with shadow
Infralash line

Infralash line

Is a great choice for those who naturally don’t have dark lashes, everyone who would like to have some extra depth to their eyes , and those who like to use eye makeup every day.



Most crucial part excluding skills – good quality materials is necessity! I work only with highest quality Goldeneye pigments from Germany.



Have a look at some of my work at portfolio section



I have received my education on Permanent Make up procedures and techniques at Goldeneye micropigmentation center in Latvia. Goldeneye is the leading company in micropigmentation sciences since 1998.


Before booking an appointment, make sure you visit FAQ section and read all the do’s & don’ts, especially those before & after procedure.


You can always contact me if you have more questions, or book a free intake prior to the procedure!